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NUsisters Inc.


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NUsisters Inc.

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Find Effortless Health For Yourself!

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NUsisters™: Start Feeling Better!

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Homeopath & Natural Medicine Practitioner Laura Kelly created NUsisters™ to help you to feel your best, get into better routines, and have higher natural standards for your body, your health and your happiness.




With NUsisters™, taking control of your health will be easy. All you need is a little guidance and the right supports.

We strive to be there for you and ensure you feel your best every single day.

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Find Effortless Health for Yourself!


NuSisters™ Inc.

Our Pledge

We care about YOU, YOUR HEALTH, and YOUR HAPPINESS. And we want to help you to do the same.

We know how difficult it can be to prioritize your health over the many responsibilities you have in your life.

We've developed options to make it effortless to take care of yourself!

We created experience-based solutions to the most common health concerns. What does this mean? It means over our years of clinical practice we have seen time and again low energy, digestive issues, sleep disturbances and mood imbalances with ties to some basic nutrient deficiencies. Why are we deficient? It's multi layered. We eat on the run, we eat too fast, we can't always make the best choices and even when we do our digestion sometimes lets us down.

NUsisters supplements were created based on years of patient experiences. Are they the only supplements you'll ever need? Likely not, but what we know is that many of the basic issues that prevent us from feeling great can be treated with some simple solutions, and that's what we mean by making it effortless to take care of yourself.

Between digestion issues, never-ending heartburn, lack of energy, and overwhelming stress, many intricate health issues can negatively affect your everyday life. We strive to be there for you and ensure you feel your best every single day.

Our products are made with all-natural ingredients sourced from items you'll see on grocery store shelves, like green tea, pineapple, and papayas! With no artificial fillers, you can see and feel actual results.

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Digest Best

"I started to take the digestive enzymes and almost instantly my gas after meals was gone and within just a couple days I started to have better overall elimination. It has been a wonderful product and so easy to include and make it part of my daily routine."

-Pearle, Verified Amazon Purchase

Élever Men's - Video

Watch this quick video on how implementing Élever Men's Multivitamin everyday can drastically improved quality of life and how you enjoy both the people and places around you.

-Layne H

Cell DTX

"Absolutely amazing product!! I have been feeling tired and run-down with some digestive issues as well. After being on this product for a couple of months I am feeling soo much better. I have more energy, sleep better and lost a few pounds as well. Love this product and will definitely be ordering again! Just ordered again truly a great product... give this a try to help you feel normal again!"

- Art Humme, Verified Amazon Purchase


"I've been taking two élever daily for about three years. I find that when it's part of my morning routine, my body works the way I want it to and I feel great. During seasons when I'm eating or drinking more than usual, I sometimes take another 1-2 a day to help my body regulate and cope with the extra food and wine."

- KG Young


“Elevate your mind, body and energy with the help of élever+!”

Elever+ is Kevin Harrington approved!

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