What's happening with your sleep?

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A study published this month in Britain found that sleep duration of less than 5 hours when you’re over 50 is correlated with multimorbidity.

And now for what the means in English.

It means, if you’re over 50 and you aren’t getting enough sleep you are putting yourself at increased risk (to the tune of 20%) for a single chronic condition and with time, that one condition has increased risk of becoming 2 chronic conditions.

The good news is, it’s not associated with mortality (increased risk of death) but let’s put this into perspective.

If you thought you could get some more zzzz’s to live a happier, healthier life until you do die would you perhaps consider putting a little energy into investigating how you could optimize your sleep? 

Why You Can't Fall or Stay Asleep

It’s rarely a simple answer but that doesn’t mean there aren’t answers.

It could be hormonal, it could be inflammation, it good be mood imbalances and it could be all three.

There’s a good chance it’s….


If you sleep better with some food in your tummy or the sleep issues have gradually changed with the onset of menses or perimenopause.


If you wake in the night to urinate.


 If you can’t fall or stay asleep because of worries, anxieties or intrusive thoughts.

Just because you’ve never slept well doesn’t mean you never will, it may just take a little time to figure it out. As we age things just do take a little longer to change but they can! Don’t get discouraged and stay the course when something that feels right, even if you can’t exactly see what the outcome will be.

We’re here for you.

- NuSisters

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