Your Dirty Little Secret: It’s not you - It’s your metabolism!

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Want to improve your body image while teaching your body to burn fat?

Sick of the new ending battle to maintain or stabilize your weight?

Here are our suggested TO DO's and DO NOT's! 


People commonly over-restrict and yo-yo diet in an attempt to lose those extra pounds, turns out this may not be the best strategy for sustained weight loss. Fresh research identifies that despite an individual’s best intentions, the physiological stress response evoked by a new eating pattern causes quick relapse into old habits due to heightened stress-related molecules that change dopamine levels in brain regions that process reward.

Dopamine helps attribute the perceived value, or rewarding characteristics of food, and changes in the dopamine system observed in the study were similar to what drug- and alcohol-dependent people experience when going through withdrawal. This is why the temptation to “cheat” is so strong, and why its so hard to get back on the bandwagon after blowing your diet proves very difficult.

So, what does that mean for you if you want to avoid rebound weight gain and increase weight loss?

Now we come to the TO DO’s

There is benefit in knowing all the factors behind how you feel. Clinically we have noticed a few patterns of our own over the years, and here is our summary:

1. Regulate your hormones- not just your sex hormones and thyroid, we are talking about your insulin and blood sugar as well as your cortisol and adrenals, and leptin levels (these can all be tested in your serum blood work to identify where your problem lies, or a combination of imbalances).

2. Digest more efficiently- take a digestive enzyme containing HCl- and eliminate the top ten food offenders (email us for a copy!)

3. Coupled with active diet changes for the next three weeks to find success:

Diet Example

Keto Chocolate for breakfast

Anti-Inflammatory smoothie for snack

Soup for Lunch

Eat 1 cup of watermelon with 2 stalks of celery as a snack

Supper: Fill your plate ¼ with parsley salad, 1/8 meat, and the remainder with your favourite veggies!

Bedtime: 1 heaping tsp psyllium powder in 8 oz water.

At the end of the day if you really crave success here’s what you need: a solid plan, with consistency and patience. We’ve provided you with step one!


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