Smart, high-achieving people burn out

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In the past couple of years, we’ve had many patients present with a chief concern of exhaustion. But in the past 3 months we’ve seen an increase in the urgency and degree of exhaustion that patients are expressing, stating that is more consuming than ever!

The common sentiments are

- feelings of being overwhelmed,

- like your life have been taken over by work.

- like you are no longer present for the people that you love,

- and feelings as if life is passing by you with no direction.

Many patients feel hopeful that there must be more than this, which is why they are coming in looking for help, they just don’t know what to do about it. They have the feeling that if they keep going on as they currently are that they will hit a breaking point, that they will either burn out or break down the things that they have worked so hard to build over the years. And for many this might be true!

They have had this nagging feeling that something isn’t right, but they have let it go on far too long. They have tried changing jobs, working harder, exercising (or they are too tired to do so), reading self-help books, counselling, but none of it results in lasting solutions to these nagging feelings.

One of the reasons none of those things work lastingly, for some, is because they don’t get to the root cause of why high-achieving people burn out.

If you don’t get to the underlying cause, then you’ll never find the lasting solution. And this is why we do so much testing in clinic to understand the underlying, unique, reasons why you aren’t feeling your best.

Our body’s will put up with a lot of abuse, but over time, a small leak can result in a flood, and this is what we are seeing in people’s life’s right now. The good news is that our bodies are very resilient, and once you uncover the root of what is going on and are consistent with the steps you need to take you will have lasting results.

Need a mini kick start? Here are some common threads we are noticing:

1. People just aren’t getting enough sleep, make this a 2-week priority in your life, and stick with it! Just an extra hour each night for two weeks adds up to 14 hours of slept debt recovery!

2. People’s immune systems and adrenals are fatigued, make sure you are getting plenty of vitamin C, both from your diet and vitamins (and test your levels in your serum blood- we’ve been shocked at how low some people really are!)

3. People are lacking antioxidants and alkaline foods in their diets. Think about adding FOUR extra cups of vegetables into your diet. We love soups and strews to make this more manageable to achieve. Roast your favourite root veggies in the oven and then blend for a perfect soup to enjoy daily. Make sure you include many herbs and berries too- they are high in antioxidants

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